Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fantasy Composite Rankings: Outfielders

Mike Trout is a name you will hear over and over when it comes to a projected number overall pick in fantasy baseball in 2013. Unless you were one of the lucky ones who drafted him last season in a keeper league, or found a way to steal him off the waiver wire before his call up by the Angels in April,the decision to draft him first shouldn't really be a tough decision.

Even after looking at the composite rankings, where we found Braun and Trout tied as the top outfielder, go with Trout as your pick, you almost have to.

In just 139 games in 2012, Trout hit .326 with 129 runs scored, 30 home runs 89 RBI and 49 stolen bases. These numbers are just going to get better, making him a 5x5 roto fantasy player that deserves the number one selection for outfielders, and overall for that matter.

After Trout, Braun is solid choice with Kemp, McCutchen and Carlos Gonzalez rounding out the top 5. For Jays fans, Jose Bautista's wrist appears to be fine, and ranks 6th in the rankings, tied with the Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton.

To date, we have looked at the composite rankings for

First Base
Second Base
Third Base

Now let's look at the outfield rankings:

Ryan Bruan (MIL)12121.5
Mike Trout (LAA)21211.5
Matt Kemp (LAD)43333.25
Andrew McCutchen (PIT)34443.75
Carlos Gonzalez (COL)55855.75
Jose Bautista (TOR)77586.75
Giancarlo Stanton (FLA)86676.75
Josh Hamilton (LAA)1010768.25
Justin Upton (ATL)699129
Jason Heyward (ATL)911121010.5
Adam Jones (BAL)1113111412.25
Jacoby Ellsbury (BOS)1414131113
Bryce Harper (WAS)21817913.75
Matt Holliday (STL)1617101314
Jay Bruce (CIN)1216161514.75
B.J. Upton (ATL)1515201917.25
Yoenis Cespedes (OAK)2212181717.25
Ben Zobrist (TB)2020142419.5
Allen Craig (STL)2319152119.5
Michael Bourn (CLE)1724231620
Alex Rios (CWS)2422222022
Desmond Jennings (TB)1921242622.5
Curtis Granderson (NYY)1327282322.75
Shin-Soo Choo (CIN)2523192823.75
Alex Gordon (KC)2626212524.5
Austin Jackson (DET)1825263225.25
Mark Trumbo (LAA)2834371829.25
Martin Prado (ARI)3029253329.25
Carlos Beltran (STL)3228302729.25
Melky Cabrera (TOR)3433273131.25
Shane Victorino (BOS)3532292931.25
Josh Willingham (MIN)2936313432.5
Hunter Pence (SF)4335342233.5
Carl Crawford (LAD)3138413035
Nelson Cruz (TEX)3930363535
Carlos Gomez (MIL)2731395137
Andre Ethier (LAD)4140333637.5
Angel Pagan (SF)3345464041
Nick Markakis (BAL)5937323741.25
Ben Revere (PHI)3847424442.75
Nick Swisher (CLE)5142384343.5
Michael Morse (SEA)4452354544
Brett Gardner (NYY)3650564145.75
Chris Davis (BAL)4543544246
Alejandro De Aza (CWS)3741645649.5
Jason Kubel (ARI)4257554950.75
Torii Hunter (DET)4058665053.5

Good luck on draft day!

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