Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chipper Jones mansion for sale

Getty Images

If you're still looking for the perfect Christmas Gift for someone special in your life, may I suggest this beautiful mansion in Atlanta owned by Chipper Jones.

This 23,000 square foot home is on the market for $3.2 million and features 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a theater room, six vehicle garage, and of course, a swimming pool.

Via: The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Friday, December 14, 2012

World Series odds have changed since the Winter Meetings

The World Series is still ten months away, but that hasn't stopped us from watching the lines move after all the off-season activity in Major League Baseball.

Since the Winter Meetings took place from December 3rd through the 6th, we've seen:

James Loney go to the Rays
Geovany Soto go back to the Rangers
Jason Marquis go back to the Padres
Mike Napoli sign with the Red Sox (maybe??)
Angel Pagan stay in San Fran
Shane Victorino go to Boston
Dan Haren to Washington
Joakim Soria sign with Texas
Marco Scutaro re-sign with the Giants
Jeff Keppinger go to the White Sox
Jason Bay head to Seattle
Sean Burnett leave Washington for the Angels
Joe Blanton sign for two years in LA (Angels)
Koji Uehara sign in Boston
Brandon McCarthy goes to Arizona
Mark Reynolds leave Baltimore for Cleveland (wait, what?)
Zack Greinke get paid!!!!with the Dodgers
Kevin Correia did too, only $137 million less than Greinke
Andres Torres go back to San Fran
Josh Hamilton shocks everyone, signing with the Angels
Ryan Dempster signs with Boston
Ichiro goes back to the Yankees
Ty Wigginton is off to St. Louis...and
Anibal Sanchez stiffs the Cubs to back to the Tigers

 List courtesy of theScore's MLB off-season tracker 

So what does this all mean for the odds?

Take a look! (via: bet365)

TeamsOn December 2ndOn December 14th
Cincinnati Reds15/2 odds15/2 odds
Washington Nationals8-1 odds15/2 odds
Toronto Blue Jays8-1 odds8/1 odds
Texas Rangers17/2 odds10/1 odds
LA Dodgers10/1 odds15/2 odds
Detroit Tigers10/1 odds10/1 odds
Oakland Athletics11/1 odds16/1 odds
LA Angels11/1 odds8/1 odds
NY Yankees11/1 odds12/1 odds
San Francisco Giants12/1 odds14/1 odds
Atlanta Braves15/1 odds16/1 odds
Philadelphia Phillies16/1 odds16/1 odds
St. Louis Cardinals20/1 odds22/1 odds
Tampa Bay Rays20/1 odds21/1 odds
Milwaukee Brewers33/1 odds33/1 odds
Chicago White Sox33/1 odds35/1 odds
Boston Red Sox33/1 odds21/1 odds
Baltimore Orioles35/1 odds40/1 odds
Pittsburgh Pirates40/1 odds40/1 odds
Arizona Diamondbacks40/1 odds40/1 odds
Seattle Mariners66/1 odds75/1 odds
NY Mets66/1 odds66/1 odds
San Diego Padres66/1 odds80/1 odds
Miami Marlins75/1 odds75/1 odds
KC Royals80/1 odds45/1 odds
Cleveland Indians80/1 odds80/1 odds
Minnesota Twins100/1 odds125/1 odds
Colorado Rockies100/1 odds125/1 odds
Chicago Cubs100/1 odds100/1 odds
Houston Astros200/1 odds250/1 odds

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Cleveland Indians suite at the Winter Meetings

I've never been to the Winter Meetings before, and with that being said, have never been in one of the teams suites during one of these things.

One thing I will say though, is after looking at the Cleveland Indians room, I would have expected something a little different.

Don't see much food or beverage in the room, also, don't see much writing on that white board behind the writers.

Maybe if you look closer, we can get a sneak peak of some of the players they are looking at.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

World Series Odds on the Eve of MLB Winter Meetings

courtesy: Yahoo!

Thought it would be a good idea to track the odds of each MLB team before and after the Winter Meetings in Nashville.

As of Sunday night, here are the odds to win the 2013 World Series.

On Friday, we will take a look at updated odds after all the signings and trades are sorted out.

Cincinnati Reds: 7.5-1
Washington Nationals: 8-1
Toronto Blue Jays: 8-1
Texas Rangers: 8.5-1
LA Dodgers: 10-1
Detroit Tigers: 10-1
Oakland Athletics: 11-1
LA Angels: 11-1
NY Yankees: 11-1
San Francisco Giants: 12-1
Atlanta Braves: 15-1
Philadelphia Phillies: 16-1
St. Louis Cardinals: 20-1
Tampa Bay Rays: 20-1
Milwaukee Brewers: 33-1
Chicago White Sox: 33-1
Boston Red Sox: 33-1
Baltimore Orioles: 35-1
Pittsburgh Pirates: 40-1
Arizona Diamondbacks: 40-1
Seattle Mariners: 66-1
NY Mets: 66-1
San Diego Padres: 66-1
Miami Marlins: 75-1
KC Royals: 80-1
Cleveland Indians: 80-1
Minnesota Twins: 100-1
Colorado Rockies: 100-1
Chicago Cubs: 100-1
Houston Astros: 200-1

Source: bet365

**Keep an eye on the Mariners and Red Sox odds, that should come down after a few expected signings.

Buehrle's yearbook photo

If you were wondering just what one of the newest Blue Jays looked like in high school, wait no longer than to see a photo now. found this yearbook photo of pitcher Mark Buehrle, who attended Francis Howell North High School in St. Charles, Missouri.

Also, in case you missed it, Ricky Romero posted his Christmas tree on twitter last week.

Winter Meetings will officially start in just hours. Check back in for rumours and signings this week.

Lets hope for some movement, both with trades and free agent signings.