Friday, July 27, 2012

Some of most used words around MLB before the trade deadline

Here are some of most used words around MLB before the trade deadline.

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More than likely, the names Dempster, Greinke, and Shields should still top the list until they are dealt before July 31st.

A second Zim Bear night?

Looks as if the Rays will have another Zim Bear night soon.

The first Zim Bear night was June 29th.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Paula Abdul hugs the Red Sox mascot; baseball is back!

After what seemed like a very long All-Star break, Baseball is back!

Feel like dancing?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time to trade Justin Verlander in your fantasy pool

That's Verlander with Kate Upton, who he's apparently dating. Via Busted Coverage.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Bryce Harper "clown" shirts have been printed


In case you missed it, Bryce Harper and Under Armour went through with making shirts after the phrase "that's a clown question, bro, was made famous a few weeks back.

Here is a quick glance at the shirt, and to the surprise of some, has a different phrase than we expected.

Courtesy: Washington Post.

Again, here's when he made the clown, bro phrase famous.

Carlos Lee may be back in Houston after all is said and done

Carlos Lee played his first game as a member of the Miami Marlins yesterday, collecting two hits in the 4-0 win over the Brewers. Lee, who vetoed a deal to the Dodgers earlier this week, was later traded to Miami for two minor leaguers.

His reasoning for not wanted to go to Los Angeles was simple. First, Lee has a limited no-trade clause, and the Dodgers are on that list. Second, Lee has a cattle ranch in Houston, and didn't want to leave the business behind for a two month stint in L.A.. Miami though, well, that trade was easy for the Astros, as the Marlins were not one of 14 teams on his no-trade list.

So by becoming a member of the Marlins, the Astros say good-bye to their big free agent of years back, when they signed Lee to a six-year / $100 million deal. In his first three seasons with the club, he hit 86 home runs and drove in over 100. This season though, Lee has failed to deliver at the plate, hitting only five home runs in 255 plate appearances.

With the Astros moving to the American League West next season, I can see this marriage having a second chance. The Astros really didn't save as much money in the deal with the Marlins, paying all of Lee's remaining $9 million minus the pro rated minimum of around $275,000, but none the less, Lee loves it in Houston and the team will need a DH. His business is in Houston, so returning to the Astros or playing for the Rangers seem like the only possible matches. I can see the Astros offering a 2 year deal in the neighbourhood of $10 million.

The Astros were glad to see Lee off the books, even though they paid his way out of town, but I wonder if they told him see you soon, instead of thanks for the memories.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jays/BoSox looking at Garza for pitching help

Two AL East teams with pitching problems are in Georgia looking at candidates to alleviate said issues according to people in the know.
The Jays and Red Sox had scouts in Atlanta to take in Thursday's Braves/Cubs tilt. The speculation, forwarded by Jon Morosi of Fox, is that the Jays were on hand to look at Matt Garza while the Red Sox had their scout there on schedule. A very, very convenient schedule when you consider the state of their injury and inconsistency riddled pitching staff.

Now, the obvious questions revolve around Garza, the Cubs and potential trading partners as Theo Epstein continues to blow up the team he inherited over the winter. Garza is one of the few remaining players on the roster with trade value and he slots as a mid-rotation starting pitcher on most MLB rosters, Toronto and Boston included.

The other interesting piece in play which didn't seem to get as much attention from pundits is the man who started opposite Garza, Mike Minor. Minor has fallen out of favour in Atlanta after some terrible starts but is still largely viewed as a pitcher with upside. Minor, at 6-foot-4, brings a standard fastball, changeup, curve, slide combination from the left side of the mound and could be a classic "needs a change of scenery" case.

Obviously neither player is a lock to be traded, but Epstein and Frank Wren have trade histories with the Red Sox and Blue Jays. If I were a betting man, I'd have Garza tentatively on track to go to Boston. It makes sense that Epstein would want to try and mine from the system he populated over the span of his tenure.

Similarly, the Jays could very well be the lead candidate for Minor as he's the type of high ceiling in a bad situation player that Alex Anthopoulos has acquired on a regular basis during his time in Toronto. Though, typically if you've heard of a move happening under Anthopoulos, it's not going to happen.

Minor does check off many Toronto boxes. Under control for a long time, high upside player in the doghouse, plays for a team that Anthopoulos likes making deals with.  Something to ponder at the very least.

For what it's worth, Garza only lasted four innings during his start, giving up five hits, three walks and five earned runs while striking out six. Minor, through six innings at the time of composition, had given up two hits, including a solo home run to Geovany Soto, one walk and struck out five.

In sum, Minor definitely had the better showcase but both are certainly in play.