Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jays' Santos picks song for 9th inning

Blue Jays closer Sergio Santos has decided on his song selection for the ninth inning at Rogers Centre, with the home team in the lead.  Most teams start asking player for their selections mid-spring, but Santos apparently had his all figured out as soon as the team assured him of the closers role.

Also, a comparision I noticed the other day: Cespedes vs Ramirez....what do you think? The stances are pretty similar.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Division Predictions

I recently wrote Division Primers for Getting Blanked on, and included my predictions for every team.  A few surprises came out of my findings, including the Red Sox having nine wins less than last year, and the Braves finishing fourth in the NL East.

I just don't see the Red Sox having career years again out of Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury, while the pitching staff is a few injuries away from disaster with the depth not like years past.  The Braves bullpen was unhittable last year, but they need that to happen again with Venters and Kimbrel, and from what I've seen over the years with bullpens, it's hard to repeat with the same numbers and success each season.  The Braves had everything working in their favour on their way to the playoffs in 2011, only the late collapse in the standings at the end of the season didn't give them the chance to display their strength on the big stage.

In case you missed the Primers, here they are, including World Series Odds, Who's in and Who's out and 2013 Key free agents.


2012 Predictions:
New York Yankees 95-67
Tampa Bay Rays 93-69
Toronto Blue Jays 86-76
Boston Red Sox 81-81
Baltimore Orioles 67-95


2012 Predictions:
Detroit Tigers 96-66
Minnesota Twins 82-80
Cleveland Indians 79-83
Kansas City Royals 75-87
Chicago White Sox 69-93


2012 Predictions:
Texas Rangers 92-70
Los Angeles Angels 90-72
Oakland Athletics 75-87
Seattle Mariners 65-97


2012 Predictions:
Philadelphia Phillies 96-66
Washington Nationals 85-77
Miami Marlins 82-80
Atlanta Braves 79-83
New York Mets 72-90


2012 Predictions:
Cincinnati Reds 94-68
Milwaukee Brewers 90-72
St. Louis Cardinals 82-80
Chicago Cubs 75-87
Pittsburgh Pirates 72-90
Houston Astros 60-102


2012 Predictions:
San Francisco Giants 90-72
Los Angeles Dodgers 86-76
Colorado Rockies 82-80
Arizona Diamondbacks 79-83
San Diego Padres 69-93

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Training Success

Taking a look at the spring training standings this Saturday morning made me wonder how having a good spring training record translates into possible success in the regular season.

2012 spring training standings, as of Mar 17

On the morning of March 17th, the Blue Jays are 12-2, the Tigers are 10-1, the Athletics are 11-3 and the Dodgers are 8-3.  On the flip side, the White Sox are 3-10 and the  Braves are 3-11.  Mean anything?  Lets see how teams that do well in spring training, since 2006, have done in the regular season that same season.

2006 Season
Best spring record in the American League: Kansas City Royals: 17-10

That season, the Royals finished at 62-100, last in the AL Central

Best spring record in the National League: Florida Marlins: 19-9

That season, the Marlins finished 78-84, 4th in the NL East

2007 Season

Best spring record in the American League: Detroit Tigers: 21-10

That season, the Tigers finished 88-74, 2nd in the AL Central

Best spring record in the National League: Arizona Diamondbacks: 20-12

That season, the Diamondbacks finished 90-72, and won the NL West

2008 Season

Best spring record in the American League: Oakland Athletics: 18-8

That season, the Athletics finished 75-86, 3rd in the AL West

Best spring record in the National League: New York Mets: 20-11

That season, the Mets finished 89-73, 2nd in the NL East

2009 Season

Best spring record in the American League: LA Angels: 26-8

That season, the Angels finished  97-65, and won the AL West

Best spring record in the National League: Milwaukee Brewers: 22-10

That season, the Brewers finished  80-82, 3rd in the NL Central

2010 Season

Best spring record in the American League: Tampa Bay Rays: 20-8

That season, the Rays finished 96 -66, and won the AL East
Best spring record in the National League: San Francisco Giants: 23-12

That season, the Giants finished 92-70, and won the NL West, and the WORLD SERIES

2011 Season

Best spring record in the American League: Kansas City Royals: 20-10

That season, the Royals finished 71-91, 4th in the AL Central

Best spring record in the National League: San Francisco Giants: 23-12 

That season, the Giants finished 86-76, 2nd in the NL West.

So, after looking at the numbers, maybe there is something to be said about having spring success.  The one thing they say in baseball, is a winning culture in the clubhouse starts from Day 1 of spring training, so maybe, just maybe, the Blue Jays, Dodgers, and Tigers have a shot at something special this season.

Since 2006, teams from both leagues that have owned the best spring records have made the playoffs four times, with the Giants winning the World Series.

A lot of people, including the New York Yankees, are saying the Jays are becoming a threat in the AL East, but after the start they've had in spring, and the success the starting pitchers have had to date, this could be the year.  Remember, the Rays have surprised us before, and winning, well, much better than losing!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jays starters and prop bets

So far this season, the Blue Jays projected starting five have looked unhittable in the spring.  The numbers don't lie, as Ricky Romero, Brandon Morrow, Brett Cecil, Henderson Alvarez and Dustin McGowan have combined to toss: 15 innings, allowing only six hits, one earned run, three walks and 11 strikeouts.  Don't think Joe Blanton is needed as of yet!
And more: 

Looking for some interesting prop bets for the upcoming season?  Here are a few I found that stood out the most:

Highest home run total for a MLB batter: 44.5

Highest win total for a pitcher: 21.5

Highest RBI total: 133.5

Will any player top .348 average

Highest hit total: 213.5

Most stolen bases: 61.5

Highest Loss total: 17.5

Highest save total: 47.5

Highest strikeout total: 251.5

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ex- Blue Jays: Photo Day

In case you were wondering where the players on last year's Blue Jays roster are playing this season, here is a look at them in their new digs on photo day.

Shawn Camp: Mariners

Jose Molina: Rays

Frank Francisco: Mets
Jon Rauch: Mets
Adam Loewen: Mets
DeWayne Wise: Yankees
I would also like to announced I will be contributing here and there, to the Getting Blanked Blog on  Throughout the MLB season, I will be added my two cents to some of the transactions that occur throughout the season, as well as a few other findings from around the majors.