Friday, November 16, 2012

Blue Jays go from 100-1 odds down to 10-1

Amazing what happens, especially in Vegas, when a club goes out and makes a splash in the off-season that basically changes the entire look of a team.

The Blue Jays, who were listed as 100-1 to win the World Series back on Monday, moved to 15-1 after the blockbuster deal with the Marlins on Tuesday. Acquiring Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, John Buck and Emilio Bonifacio will do that!


Today, they reportedly signed free agent Melky Cabrera, and instantly the odds went down to 11-1. After a few hours, they dropped again to 10-1.

Here are the updated odds to win the 2013 World Series.

Cincinnati Reds: 7-1

Washington Nationals: 7-1

Texas Rangers: 9-1

Detroit Tigers: 10-1

LA Dodgers: 10-1

Toronto Blue Jays: 10-1

Oakland Athletics: 11-1

San Francisco Giants: 11-1

LA Angels: 11-1

NY Yankees: 11-1

Atlanta Braves: 14-1

Philadelphia Phillies: 15-1

St Louis Cardinals: 20-1

Tampa Bay Rays: 20-1

Milwaukee Brewers: 30-1

Chicago White Sox: 33-1

Baltimore Orioles: 33-1

Boston Red Sox: 33-1

Pittsburgh Pirates: 40-1

Arizona Diamondbacks: 40-1

Miami Marlins: 66-1

Seattle Mariners: 66-1

NY Mets: 66-1

San Diego Padres: 66-1

KC Royals: 80-1

Cleveland Indians: 80-1

Minnesota Twins: 100-1

Colorado Rockies: 100-1

Chicago Cubs: 100-1

Houston Astros: 200-1

courtesy: bet365

Who do you have winning the World Series, and what team near the bottom of this list is likely to make a big off-season move?  

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