Thursday, September 16, 2010

By the numbers

Taking a look at the MLB standings these days are starting to look like paint on the wall, especially in the AL, so a look at these numbers may make things more interesting.

Numbers of runs scored and against on average (by each division)

AL East

The teams (NYY, TB, TOR, BAL, BOS)

Average runs scored: 4.8

Average runs against: 4.5

AL Central

The teams (CWS, MIN, CLE. KC, DET)

Average runs scored: 4.4

Average runs against: 4.6

AL West

The teams (OAK, SEA, LAA, TEX)

Average runs scored: 4.1

Average runs against: 4.2

NL East

The teams (NYM, ATL, FLA, WAS, PHI

Average runs scored: 4.4

Average runs against: 4.2

NL Central

The teams (HOU, STL, MIL, CIN, PIT, CHC)

Average runs scored: 4.2

Average runs against: 4.7

NL West

The teams (COL, SF, LAD, SD, ARI)

Average runs scored: 4.4

Average runs against: 4.2

No surprise: The AL East scores the most (NYY and TB!!) and the NL Central gives up the most runs (PIT!!)

Manny a bust?

Can it be that Manny Ramirez is done?  Some White Sox fans believe so, and so do some people around the game.

The White Sox acquired the controversial outfielder for the stretch drive from the Dodgers, and he has yet to hit a home run or even drive in a run for Chicago.

In 14 games since the deal, Manny is hitting .300, but has no home runs and no RBI.  This is way off what people were predicting for sure.  Some baseball executives thought Manny would return to form from the 2008 season with the Dodgers in which he hit .396 in 53 games with 17 home runs and 53 RBI, but not so.

In fact, Ramirez has been brutal, to be honest.  He hasn't hit the ball hard at all, he doesn't seem interested on most plate appearances and looks as if a walk is OK to take most of the time.

He has cut his hair 4 times on record, but it doesn't look like it it either.  What a mess this situation has become. 

The White Sox paid $4 million to acquire him as well, boy are the Dodgers happy!

For the record, the White Sox are on the verge of being swept by the Twins and will fall back 9 games in the standings.

The question now becomes, what will happen to the manager and the GM?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Braves, Padres and White Sox may be in trouble

This is why they play all 162 games on the schedule.  Only a few weeks ago, many thought the Braves were a lock to make the playoffs, and the White Sox, after acquiring Manny Ramirez would challenge the Twins to the end, but so much has happened since.

Not since late May had the Phillies taken top spot in the NL East, but after weeks of playing well and the sudden slump of the Braves, the Phillies are back in the spot most thought they would be.  The Phillies are pitching great, led by Halladay, the Phillies are also getting this crazy run by Cole Hamels, 25 straight scoreless innings, and timely hitting to make them the top dogs again in the NL.

The White Sox went to Detroit this week and just couldn't get the big hit.  Manny has been OK? but no where close to the old Manny or Manny of 2 years ago from the Dodgers.  He just doesn't look to interested (almost like Brett Favre!)

As of this morning, the Braves trail the Phillies by 1 game and lead the Wild Card by 1 game over the streaky Giants.

Now for the Padres, oh yes the Padres, the team everybody all of a sudden loved since they were in first place since mid-May.  A 10-game losing streak parlayed with the Giants and Rockies playing well has created a panic like atmosphere at Petco Park these days.  The Padres couldn't hit again last night against the Giants and Matt Cain, thus leaving them only 1 game up on San Fran with 3 more to play in the series with the team trying to catch them.

Teams like the Padres, Braves and White Sox are starting to be exposed and may be watching the playoffs from their homes this season.

The Phillies, Reds, Giants and Rockies may just make the playoffs after all!

Braves lose again last night:

Quotes after the Braves loss

White Sox lose again:

Recap of the game and why they are losing

Padres lose again:

Big loss in first of 4 with Giants

Will mind games help?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rangers up by 10 in the West, but how have teams played since May 30th?

Almost a month ago, baseball general managers, team presidents, and media members, all thought the divisions in baseball would come down to the wire.  The Padres were supposed to fold, the Rangers were supposed to as well.  The Angels, after the acquisition of Haren from the D'Backs were going to take command in the West, the Braves were supposed to fall apart and the Phillies were supposed to roll.  The Yankees and Rays were going to remain strong, but the Red Sox were going to make a strong run at both teams.  The Cardinals were going to take the Reds down and the Tigers were going to take over the AL Central.  Boy, did things ever change.


The Yankees lead the East by 1.5 over the Rays
The Twins lead the Central by 4 over the White Sox
The Rangers lead the West by 10 over the A's

The Braves lead the East by 3 over the Phillies
The Reds lead the Central by 8 over the Cardinals
The Padres lead the West by 3 over the Giants.

But how did the standings look on May 30th compared to now?


TB: 34-17
NYY: 30-20
TOR: 30-22
BOS: 29-23
BAL: 15-36

NOW: NYY and TB still battling for the division lead, while Boston in third playing well with all their injuries.


MIN: 30-20
DET: 26-23
CWS: 22-28
KC: 21-30
CLE: 18-30

NOW: MIN and CWS in fight for Central crown, while Detroit couldn't rebound from injuries to Inge and Ordonez.


OAK: 27-24
TEX: 26-24
LAA: 25-27
SEA: 19-30

NOW: TEX just exploded since May 30th, and hold commanding lead in division.


PHI: 28-21
ATL: 28-22
NYM: 26-25
WAS: 25-26
FLA: 25-26

NOW: ATL has played consistent all season, while Philadelphia had a few rough spots in their sked.


CIN: 30-21
STL: 29-22
CHC: 24-27
MIL: 21-29
PIT: 20-31
HOU: 17-33

NOW: CIN gets swept by STL in August, but have rebounded nicely, and STL has fallen apart.  Houston is currently in third after a great second half.


SD: 30-20
LAD: 28-22
SF: 27-22
COl: 26-24
ARI: 20-31

NOW: the unexpected is now the expected as the Padres are still in first.  Everyone thought they would fall flat on their face, but they made moves to acquire Miguel Tejada and Ryan Ludwick, something Padres fans never thought would happen.  Win now and not in 10 more years like they thought.  Anything can happen, and the Padres are proof of that.