Saturday, July 3, 2010

Countdown to the trade deadline: Day 29

Another day, another set of rumours, with no trades announced in the past few days.  The Cliff saga took a turn the other day with Lee apparently telling teammates that he will gone by the end of the week.  Lee denied the story, but remember, this is Seattle, and teammates talk about each other: ie: Griffey situation.

Lee has been linked to 12-15 teams according to new reports including the Rockies, Rangers and a few mystery teams.  Could those teams be the likes of the Padres, Rays, Twins, White Sox, Tigers or Reds?  We should no soon, but the Rangers look to be the front runners if MLB allows them to be.  First basemen Justin Smoak would be a great fit for the Mariners as would first basemen Yonder Alonso from the Reds.  Joey Votto and his 19 home runs have all but assured the franchise that Alonso may be on the way out.  Alonso only has 4 home runs, but is expected to be a pretty good hitter.

Other news:

The Yankees are looking hard for a bat off the bench and have talked about Ty Wigginton.  The Royals would love to shed some salary and maybe the Yankees would take Jose Guillen.

The Twins, especially after a small collapse in Saturday's affair against the Rays, are looking for bullpen help and may be calling the Jays about Jason Frasor and Scott Downs again.  The Twins have money this year, and they will spend if the right player becomes available.

The Cubs would love to deal Ryan Theriot and Derrek Lee.  Theriot has been in and out of the lineup this season after hitting .307 in 2008 and .284 in 2009.  This season Theriot has a decent .289 average, but no home runs and only 17 RBI. 

The Tigers are looking for pitching help, but according to, are not interested in trading for Kevin Millwood.

The Padres are in need of a big bat, if they hope to stay a top the NL West.  Some believe that Adam Dunn may be a fit.  The Blue Jays Jose Bautista may also work, with his 21 home runs, but the Royals David DeJesus may be the best fir for both teams.  DeJesus is enjoying a great season and his .327 AVG and .395 on-base-percentage is what the Padres need.  Centre fielder Tony Gwynn Jr (.228 AVG) and left fielder Scott Hairston (.224 AVG) as of Saturday are just not producing enough for San Diego and a change should be made.

One guy who won't be traded again this season anyways, is the D'Backs Dontrelle Willis.  Willis, one win and a ERA of 4.98 with Detoit was released by the Tigers this season and has not faired any better with Arizona.  His ERA is over six with Arizona and he's pitching out of the bullpen now and getting hit hard.  Remember 2005?  Dontrelle was 22-10 with a 2.63 ERA for the Marlins, what happened?  Was it the innings?  In 2005 he pitched 236.1 innings, 2006, 223.1 innings (12 wins) and 2007, 205.1 innings (10 wins). He was traded to the Tigers and has had 3 wins over those 3 seasons.


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