Sunday, July 11, 2010

Countdown to the trade deadline: Day 21

With the All-Star break here it is time for all MLB General Managers to reflex on the half season to date, and the decision of if the team is close to being a contender is almost decided on.  With the White Sox 9.5 games back on June 1st, and now after Sunday's win vs the Royals, the White Sox are in first place over both the Tigers and Twins, so anything can happen.

Teams will give the trade talks a break over the next few days, but ExtraBaseHit won't, here's the latest.

Ted Lilly is all but out of Chicago, he just needs to pitch better.  He allowed 9 earned runs to the Reds and struggled in his last start vs the Dodgers.  When he pitches better, and he will, the Mets would love to have him, especially in their home ballpark, Citi Field, where the pitchers have a huge advantage over the hitters daily.

The latest on the Marlins Dan Uggla is very interesting.  They have had talks in the past with the Rockies about him and apparently had a good offer in the off-season, but decided to keep him.  Now, the Rockies are ready to try again and so are the Marlins.

Florida will try and trade the second baseman to Colorado for pitching and the Rockies will possibly use him at first base when Tulowitzki comes back from injury.  Clint Barmes will move to second and Helton will be on the bench if this happens.


The Cubs move Lee and the Marlins move Uggla

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