Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Countdown to the trade deadline: Day 26

Still no decision by LeBron James!, and still no July trades in the MLB.  Lets move forward now!

The rumours have now hit every team with the Rays now in the mix for the Mariners Cliff Lee.  The Twins did indeed make an offer, but the Mariners apparently didn't even counter, or listen for that matter, so now it's the Rays turn with rumours from ESPN.com that a B.J. Upton for Lee deal is in the works.

The Braves are looking for help at first base, if Troy Glaus and his bad knee are really concern, and have dangled Yunel Escobar as bait.  The Astros Lance Berkman may be a fit, even though Houston really doesn't need Escobar.

The Red Sox have been too quiet since they lost Pedroia, Martinez, Beckett and Buchholz to injury. Something will happen here as the backups, Patterson, Cash and Hall are not the answers long term.

The Phillies have been doing better then expected without Utley with Wilson Valdez at second base, but a trade is likely this week as Utley is out 8 more weeks and Valdez is only hitting .235 in July.


The Phillies and Red Sox will make deals to sure up the second base position this week.

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