Thursday, July 8, 2010

Countdown to the trade deadline: Day 24

On the same day that LeBron will make his decision, there are 24 days left until the non-waiver trade deadline in the majors.

No news on the Cliff Lee front, just that the Twins, Rays and Rangers have the most interest. 

The Giants spoke with the Brewers about Corey Hart 2 weeks ago, but the Brewers might want to sign him long-term, especially if Fielder is dealt soon to a team like the Angels.

The Phillies and Dan Uggla may be a fit if Utley's wrist is bad enough where he can't return.


The Red Sox make a move in the bullpen before making any offensive moves.

For the record: ExtraBaseHit still believes LeBron will sign with the Knicks.  No inside, just a feeling!

1 comment:

  1. How Jason Werth and Shane Victorino to the Marlins for Dan Uggla and Emilio Bonifacio?

    Makes about as much sense as the Marlins trading within their division with the slumping and basement bound Phillies. I mean really, try thinking a little big picture before getting anywhere near that keyboard again.