Thursday, July 22, 2010

Countdown to the trade deadline: Day 10

Today is all about the Blue Jays Jose Bautista, in what is really no surprise, after all, he is the home run leader in the majors.  Many teams including the White Sox, Giants and Tigers have talked about the possibility of acquiring the outfielder / third baseman.

The Giants have been trying for weeks to acquire an outfielder with power, but have noticed teams, like the Brewers and Jays, are asking for top prospects in return.  The Nationals are doing the same with Adam Dunn, so they must make a decision soon, or other teams will make the move.

Bautista, with only $1 million remaining on his contract this season, now has 26 home runs and is a .238 career hitter with 85 home runs and 275 RBI.

The Tigers are interested since the hand injury to Brandon Inge, and the White Sox, who helped the Jays last season taking on Alex Rios' contract with a waiver pickup, like him as a backup plan to Adam Dunn.

The Cardinals are becoming the favourites to land the Astros Roy Oswalt, according to ESPN.  The Phillies scouted Dan Haren last night, also, according to ESPN reports, as Oswalt earlier in the day wanted his 2012 option picked up, something the Phillies want no part of with their commitment to $135 million in payroll next season.

If the Cardinals get Oswalt, the Reds and the other National League teams are big trouble when they face:

Chris Carpenter (11-3) 3.05 ERA
Adam Wainwright (14-5) 2.02 ERA
Roy Oswalt (6-11) 3.12 ERA

with the 4 & 5 guys as
Jaime Garcia (9-4) 2.21 ERA
Blake Hawksworth (from BC, Canada) (4-5) 4.85 ERA or
Jeff Suppan (0-5) 6.05 ERA

Things are heating up, and the usual suspects, the Yankees, Red Sox and White Sox have yet to make a deal.  The Dodgers, Giants, Rays, Rockies, Twins, Braves, Mets, Reds, Rangers, Angels and Tigers all believe this is their year, so now it's just time to decide if they can go on without some of their top prospects, something most teams have a hard time giving up these days.


Oswalt will be dealt, this has to happen soon, as the rumours are getting out of control

The Angels will make a move soon, after the Wednesday loss to the Yankees, they realize they will fall to far behind the first place Rangers without help to their offense.

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  1. It's hard to say what's going to happen to Bautista. I think AA has every right to have such a high asking price for him - after all, Jose is a tremendous defender and has show he can hit for power. Personally, I'd like to see the Jays hang onto him, but if another team offers up a great package, then the Jays should go for it.