Thursday, June 3, 2010

The perfect game that wasn't; but could it still be?

On a night where one of the superstars of the game, Ken Griffey Jr, retired from the game, a bigger story stole the headlines from one of the best players to ever play in the MLB.

The Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians were involved in a incident that will be talked about for ever.  Tigers P Armando Galarraga, 1-1, 4.50 ERA before the start, and a stint in the minor leagues this season, was working on what would of been the 3rd perfect game of the season, when the unthinkable happened.  Jim Joyce, who was the 2nd base umpire for the perfect game thrown by the Athletics Dallas Braden, made a terrible call on the last batter, Jason Donald of the Indians, on what would have been the 27th out.  Donald hit a ground ball to Cabrera at first and with Galarraga covering the bag, threw to him, in what looked to be in time, but Joyce saw it another way.  Even Donald was surprised to here that he was called safe, in what replays show was a clear cut out.

Galarraga recorded the final out after the play, and was awarded with the 1-hit, complete game shutout, but no perfect game.

Detroit players argued and ran to Joyce after the game to show the frustration and anger with the call.  After the game, Joyce, who admitted after looking at the replay he was wrong, met with Galarraga and apologized to him for the call.  Galarraga accepted the apology, but Joyce will live with this call forever.

MLB did not have comments regarding the call, or any talk regarding a protest of any kind.  With the umpires basically admitting they blew the call, and the replays showing the evidence, could baseball consider reversing the call?  Donald would be out, Galarraga would have the perfect game, and baseball would go down in history for making such a change.  As it stands now, he has the 1-hitter and baseball now has 10 perfect games go for not with a hit coming in the final batter (27th possible out)

Here is the 9th inning and the replay as well:

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