Friday, May 14, 2010

Dye to the Padres and That's Random segment on The Score

Since extrabasehit has covered the Jermaine Dye and Jarrod Washburn stories since they became free agents, why not just give you a quick update:

Washburn has stated that he he is happy at home with his family and see's no reason to make a change and pitch at this time.  The Boras camp has said that he had numerous offers (Twins, Dodgers, Mariners), but none to his liking, and thus, no deal.  Stay tuned, he will probably end up in Seattle, just like he wants.

Dye, who still thinks he's worth $10M a season, is now saying he would play for the Padres?  With San Diego currently in first, is this a fit?  And what would it cost them?  The Giants are the team that needs him after being 1-hit by Latos last night.  It would probably cost the Padres around $5M and they payroll is only $40M. has some great video, and one segment called That's Random has host Brad James talking to MLB players and coaches about random topics.  The latest is with the White Sox 2B Gordon Beckham and his love for rock music and bands.  Check it out

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