Thursday, May 6, 2010

Different Stats

Going into action at the beginning of the week, a couple of eye-popping stats stood out. 

The Blue Jays led the AL in home runs (38) and Blue Jays pitchers led in strikeouts (194)

The Mariners were 0-5 when facing a left-hander; 11-9 when facing a right-hander

The Tigers were 10-3 when playing a day game; 6-7 when playing at night

The Royals had only faced 3 left-handed starters vs 22 right-handers

The Giants were 4-0 vs left-handers; 10-10 vs right-handers

The Astros were 4-10 in night games

The Yankees were 0-2 in 1-run games

The Rays were 12-4 vs the AL East

The Cardinals led the NL in ERA (2.56) and had only allowed 10 home runs

The Astros had hit only 9 home runs as a team (the White Sox Paul Konerko has 12 on his own)

The Mariners had hit only 9 home runs as a team; the D'Backs and Jays had 38 as a team)

The Phillies led the majors with 3 complete games (Halladay had 2)

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