Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Below the Mendoza

In a season that has already seen a no-hitter and a perfect game, is it time to give the pitchers the upper-hand on the hitters?  Four Blue Jays hurlers have gone into the 6th with no-no's, and the Reds Cueto had a quiet 1-hitter last night. 

Every night in the majors, one or two pitcher's lines have looked amazing.

So who is this affecting?  Some pretty big names haven't been able to get their seasons together yet.  Is this because of the pitching, or have they just simply lost a step?

Here are a few big names that have yet to hit over .200 this season, thus coming too close to the:


Mariners 3B Chone Figgins: .188 AVG (career AVG of .288, 349 RBI)

Pirates 2B Aki Iwamura: .175 AVG(career AVG .273)

Blue Jays 2B Aaron Hill: .181 AVG (career .281 AVG, 66 home runs)

Blue Jays 1B Lyle Overbay: .167 (career AVG .275, 468 RBI, career AVG in April is .263, career AVG in May is .288: AVG this May is .158)

Cubs 3B Aramis Ramirez: .159 AVG (career AVG .283, 267 home runs)

Braves CF Nate McLouth: .172 AVG (career .256, 73 HR, has 1 walk-off HR to his credit this year!)

Astros 1B Lance Berkman: .197 AVG (career AVG 298, 316 HR, injured most of the season, but still off to a slow start)

Astros OF Carlos Lee: .200 AVG (career AVG .289, 309 HR, made the list at .200 since he is a $100M contract guy)

Rays 1B Carlos Pena: .179 AVG (career AVG .245, 207 HR, always seems to be in this situation for average)

Rookies in trouble:

Angels 3B Brandon Wood: .169 AVG (career AVG of .185, will he ever regain the swing he had in the minors?)

Padres OF Kyle Blanks: .180 AVG (career AVG .224, 13 HR, expected to be a big prospect, hits the long ball but thats it, Rob Deer?)

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