Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dye and Washburn still hoping to play

Did Jermaine Dye or Jarrod Washburn really believe they would have a major league contract by now?  They have been free agents since November and have had very few offers according to reports.  Washburn was solid for the Mariners last season before being dealt to the Tigers where he sported an ERA over 7 and complained that a knee injury was the cause for the bad numbers.  Still, Washburn wanted a long-term deal, which never came.  The Twins and Mariners have been linked to the left-hander, but no deal was ever made.  Now, the rumours are out there suggesting the Royals have interest, Twins still have interest if they move Liriano to the closers role and the Mariners are the number one choice for the Washburn camp. 

Jermaine Dye wants to be paid, but if his 2nd half numbers are why teams are also avoiding him, it's understandable.  Dye, in his career, is a .274 hitter with 325 home runs and 1072 RBI.  He has battled injuries over his career but was putting together a great season for the White Sox last year when all of a sudden something happened, he just simply started to struggle, big time!  Before the break, Dye was on fire hitting .302 with 20 home runs and 55 RBI in the 81 games played.  The break came and went, and so did his ability to hit the ball.  In the next 60 games, Dye hit .179 with 7 home runs and 26 RBI. What was weird is that he wasn't a strikeout victim every at-bat, in 212 at-bats he struck out only 46 times.  He just couldn't get a hit.  The Nationals, Orioles, Pirates and Indians have expressed interest, but he still want big money, something that could end his career.


  1. Dye is the reason I fell out of contention in Fantasy last season! haha

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