Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who's left and what do we know

Oh yes, the free agent class of 2010, of the 200 plus free agents this off-season, 39 still remain on the open market.  The number is down from the past week, but what might they be waiting for? 

We know the Carlos Delgado has undergone another hip surgery and will be out of action for the next 4 months.

We know that John Smoltz will wait until mid-June to decide his future, pick a contender, and probably pitch in the playoffs.

We know that Pedro Martinez will go the same route he went last year, and sign a $1M contract and be successful.  Boston hopes that team is the one he picks.

We know Garett Anderson has 1 more year left in him, but an American League team will have to call.  His days in the outfield are over, and being the DH or late inning pinch hitter will be his new duty.

We know Scott Eyre has said he will only pitch for the Phillies, it's just that the Phillies haven't called back.

We know Jarrod Washburn had an offer from the Twins for $5M guaranteed, but he feels that his numbers from Seattle last season are worth $10M a-year status.  His trade to the Tigers killed his chances of becoming a popular free agent, although, he claims a knee injury cause the bad numbers in Detroit.

We know Nomar Garciaparra wants to play for a contender, but injuries have cause him to become a pinch hitter at best.  Would have to accept a minor-league deal at this point, so, he might retire, which is becoming a trend for most of the players talked about so far, as saying good-bye to the game seems to be an easy way out at this point

We know Hank Blalock had 25 home runs last season with Texas, but was expecting a 3-year / $25M deal, after making $6.2M last year.  Will have to face the fact that he can't hit lefties, hit .221 against them last season and over the last 3 seasons has only 12 home runs off left-handers compared to 35 vs right-handers.

We know that Jermaine Dye had an offer from the Cubs for $3M plus, but Xavier Nady took that money, and the rest is history.  Braves and Indians were said to have interest, but Dye, like Washburn, still believes he was a top free agent and is looking for $9M a year.  With Damon signing for $8M, Dye is worth $5M to teams, but no one has the money in the budget for that now.

We know, or at least believe, that Braden Looper is the best pitcher left and Felipe Lopez is the best infielder left.  These 2 should have jobs, but Looper is looking for $6M a year and Lopez thought he was a future hall-of-famer until super-agent Scott Boras probably told him to look in a mirror, Lopez fired Boras last week, and still, no offers.

Others available:
Rocco Baldelli
Paul Byrd
Tomo Ohka
Joe Crede
Brett Tomko
Chad Bradford
Jason Isringhausen
Greg Norton
Chad Fox
Jonny Gomes
Joe Beimel
Alan Embree
Kiko Calero
Aaron Boone
Darin Erstad
Mike Hampton
Eric Milton
Jason Schmidt
David Weathers
Gary Sheffield
Paul Bako
Chan Ho Park
Rich Aurilia
Livan Hernandez
Dmitri Young


  1. Will Sheffield really find a home? Or is it time to hang 'em up?

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